Fully loaded advanced
HR Management Software


Employee Database

Manage your employees' information on a centralised platform for simple access; there's no need to store printed copies any longer.



When using an automated platform to onboard a new team member, the system will advise the formalities in wizard style, ensuring a smooth and impressive onboarding process.


Leave Management

HRM automates leave management; the system works in accordance with the company's leave policy, holidays, and compliances.


Time Management

HRM enables you to automate difficult processes with ease. Both compensatory and remunerated time off (PTO)


Corporate Learning Management System

Intermidiary knowledge assessment of employees for promotions and certifications using a customised learning management system.


Asset Management

For improved visibility of asset allotments, manage and track the assets assigned to an employee, such as laptops, mobile invoices, and so on.


Mobile Application

Employees and employers can both use the iOS and Android mobile applications to view their information on the go.


Ticket Management

Employees can use this platform to report a problem or a case to the organisation, with status tracking and an escalation matrix. Admins can manage all open tickets according to their priorities.


Employee Portal

Providing employees with access to information about their job with the organisation, such as attendance, leaves, KRAs, and information about new hires, among other things.


Payrolls Automation

CRM generates payroll on a monthly basis on a predetermined date based on attendance and hours worked; payroll criteria can be customised.


Pay Slips and Letter Generation

There is no need to print physical copies of appointment letters or pay slips because HRM handles everything for you. Just sit back and click the print button.


Attendance Tracker

Track each employee's attendance at a glance; the system provides a bird's eye view of everyone's attendance, with color-coded visibility for late markings and early departures.


Shift Management

Manage numerous shifts and rosters, assign employees to the proper shifts, and get detailed information on staff rotations by shift.


Reports & Analytics

The last week of the month is always a frenzied time in HR's life, so attention to detail is essential. HRM assists in staying on top of all the crucial analytics required.


Set the KRA’s

It's never been easier to set up KRAs. Set KRAs for each person and assign them to them. Employees may always track their own KRAs, which helps to boost overall productivity.


Manage Performance

Give each KRA wattage-based results to the employee and manage their total performance during the reviews; this will save a lot of time for annual performance review summaries.